github-card with polymer


I created my first polymer element today. Yeah ;) I wanted to dive into polymer for weeks and now finally found a bit time to do it. The plan was to add some kind of github repo info to this blog. I did things like that before with wordpress and octopress, this time I wanted to create something portable, not coupled to the blog in any way.

I remembered stumbling over a great github-card webcomponent a few days ago by Guille Paz. I looked at the code and tried to get it to work, but without really knowing how webcomponents work I had no success. Tough I decided to port that whole thing to polymer - good opportunity to learn something about google's webcomponent framework You can see the result on the sidebar. Currently it's just a ripoff port of Guille's work, but I going to add some more features to it soon.

Of course the whole thing is on github. Clone it, use it, send me pull requests if you like!