One of my intentions when I relaunched this blog was to .. well, blog more often. I failed ;) I’m very busy lately with work, more work and some side-projects like mailadm.

mailadm is basically a webinterface to administrate a mailserver based on dovecot, postfix and postgresql. It runs with node (of cause it does ;)) and angular.js. It slowly gets to the point where it becomes useful and I decided to start another, related project. I’m going to create an open documentation (on github) how to install, configure and run a mailserver based on the awesome open source projects mentioned above and show how to manage it with mailadm. It’s even a perfect project to blog one or two things about.

What else I’am doing? Work is really exciting at the moment. We are migrating to redmine and jenkins at the moment. Using Jenkins to run our software builds is awesome .. we already reduced the build time by more than three-quarter (just by parallelizing some build steps and tweaking ). To keep an eye on what Jenkins is doing I created a littl’ Chrome Extension. It’s not ready to be released .. but I will push it to github soon.

Well .. that’s enough for today - my iMac just finished installing Mavericks ;)


This blog now runs on github pages and I love it <3. I used jekyllbootstrap to set it up - took about a minute!

I tweaked the thing a bit here and there and changed the theme to use bootstrap v3. Getting started with jekyll was a bit bumpy, but I like the concept.

Next step is to add some plugins to embedd code, github repos and stuff and of course producing some content. Well, stay stuned.

Just added something to hightlight code:

(function() {
  var awesome = 'github';

Like it so far .. but I read, that the jekyll engine has some problems with long lines. Maybe I switch to gists or something if this anoyes me.